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Effective Today: New Federal law for recalled rental cars protects consumers from vehicle safety defects Washington, DC June 1, 2016
NHTSA kicks off 'Click It or Ticket' campaign as traffic fatalities rise Washington, DC May 12, 2016
U.S. Department of Transportation expands and accelerates Takata air bag inflator recall to protect American drivers and passengers Washington, DC May 4, 2016
New U.S. DOT proposed safety standard establishes additional safety for motorcoach and large bus occupants Washington, DC April 25, 2016
U.S. Department of Transportation convenes aviation and automobile industry forum on safety Washington, DC April 22, 2016
U.S. DOT and safety partners work to end distracted driving Washington, DC April 5, 2016
NHTSA honors the contributions of dedicated safety champions at annual Lifesavers Conference Washington, DC April 4, 2016
U.S. DOT and IIHS announce historic commitment of 20 automakers to make automatic emergency braking standard on new vehicles Washington, DC March 17, 2016
U.S. DOT to Host Public Meetings on Safe Operation of Automated Vehicles Washington, DC March 11, 2016
U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Facilitate Fuel Cell, Hybrid Vehicles
Consumers would be able to purchase a wider variety of vehicles with high fuel efficiency and zero/low emissions.
Washington, DC March 3, 2016
U.S. DOT Announces Steep Increase in Roadway Deaths Based on 2015 Early Estimates and Convenes First Regional Summit to Drive Traffic Safety Behavior Changes
NHTSA announces and responds to its latest estimate of traffic deaths, which show a steep 9.3 percent increase for the first nine months of 2015.
Washington, DC February 5, 2016
NHTSA, CPSC and Britax announce recall of infant car seats due to fall hazard Washington, DC January 21, 2016
U.S. Department of Transportation Launches New Public Awareness Campaign
The “Safe Cars Save Lives” campaign urges consumers to check for open recalls at least twice a year.
Washington, DC January 21, 2016
Secretary Foxx Unveils President Obama’s FY17 Budget Proposal of Nearly $4 Billion for Automated Vehicles and Announces DOT Initiatives to Accelerate Vehicle Safety Innovations
DOT actions revise existing guidance and clear administrative hurdles for new automotive technology.
Washington, DC January 14, 2016
U.S. DOT Reminds Americans to 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over' This Holiday Season
NHTSA unveils new ad to run in theaters nationwide just before 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'
Washington, DC December 17, 2015
U.S. DOT Fines Fiat Chrysler $70 Million for Failure to Provide Early Warning Report Data to NHTSA
Seventy million dollar penalty follows FCA’s admission that it had failed, over several years, to provide Early Warning Report data to NHTSA.
Washington, DC December 10, 2015
U.S. DOT imposes civil penalty on Harbor Freight Tools for failure to recall trailer kits Washington, DC December 9, 2015
U.S. DOT brings 5-Star Safety Ratings into a new safety era Washington, DC December 8, 2015
DOT Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Improved Rear Impact Protection for Trailers and Semitrailers
NHTSA issues notice of proposed rulemaking that focuses on addressing underride protection in light-vehicle crashes into trailers and semitrailers.
Washington, DC December 7, 2015
Traffic Fatalities Fall in 2014, But Early Estimates Show 2015 Trending Higher
NHTSA plans nationwide planning sessions to strengthen behavioral safety efforts.
Washington, DC November 24, 2015
U.S. DOT Imposes Largest Civil Penalty in NHTSA History on Takata for Violating Motor Vehicle Safety Act; Accelerates Recalls to Get Safe Air Bags Into U.S. Vehicles
NHTSA issues two orders designed to protect the traveling public from defective Takata air bag inflators.
Washington, DC November 3, 2015
U.S. DOT to add automatic emergency braking to list of recommended advanced safety technologies in 5-Star Rating system Washington, DC November 2, 2015
NHTSA encourages parents of teens to join the '5 to Drive' campaign Washington, DC October 19, 2015
DOT and IIHS Announce Historic Commitment From 10 Automakers to Include Automatic Emergency Braking on All New Vehicles
These 10 companies are committing to making AEB available to all new-car buyers.
Washington, DC September 11, 2015
NHTSA Fines Triumph Motorcycles $2.9 Million for Failing to Submit Early Warning Reports and Other Required Documents
NHTSA investigation uncovers failure of Triumph Motorcycles to report safety data; company also filed late response to NHTSA Special Order.
Washington, DC August 31, 2015
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