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Traffic Records

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Safety Starts with Crash Data

Quality, uniform crash data forms the foundation for improved traffic safety; supporting analysis,
research, and data-driven decision making. NHTSA has maintained a library of State crash data system documentation since 2000. Users rely on this information to facilitate understanding and collaboration of key traffic safety issues.

States update their crash report forms, databases, and documentation on varying schedules, based on individual State statutes, policies, and needs. NHTSA strives to provide the most current information for each State, but currency of this information varies from State to State.

Status of the States' MMUCC Mapping

71.20 %
States' alignment to MMUCC 5th Edition crash data elements (27), updated May 2019
46.90 %
States' alignment to MMUCC 5th Edition person data elements (27), updated May 2019
30.60 %
States' alignment to MMUCC 5th Edition large vehicle and hazardous materials data elements (11), updated May 2019

State Crash Documents

State Data Information Resources

Questions or updates?

Email the Traffic Records Team to ask questions or to inform us of available crash documentation updates.


Each State updates their crash data systems, forms, instruction manuals, and training based on their own schedule. Some States may update their systems and materials every 10 years while another State might update every 2 years. When and how each State elects to update the crash data collected can be impacted by availability of funds, internal State need, use of electronic systems, and Federal regulation.

Researchers looking for the most up-to-date documentation are encouraged to contact States directly. See the list of State Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) personnel.

Technical assistance is available to States through the NHTSA Crash Data Improvement Program (CDIP) and Traffic Records GO Teams. CDIP and GO Team technical assistance can be requested by submitting an application to your State‚Äôs Regional NHTSA Office. 

The MMUCC Crash Report Form can be found in Appendix C of the MMUCC 5th Edition Guideline, or a full-size PDF is available online. States are also welcome to request the editable version of the MMUCC Crash Report Form to modify for their use by sending an email to the Traffic Records Team.