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Final Rule: CAFE Standards for MYs 2024-2026

Final Rule: CAFE Standards for MYs 2024-2026

August 10, 2021: NHTSA Proposes New CAFE Standards for 2024-2026

NHTSA is proposing to amend the CAFE standards set in 2020 for passenger cars and light trucks manufactured in model years 2024-2026, so that standards would increase in stringency at a rate of 8% per year rather than the 1.5% year set previously. NHTSA will seek comment for 60 days on its tentative conclusion that these standards are maximum feasible for the model years covered. This proposal also responds to President Biden’s directive in Executive Order 13990 to reconsider the CAFE standards finalized in 2020.

September 24, 2021: Draft SEIS Comment Period Extended

NHTSA has extended the comment period for the Draft Supplemental EIS in order to coincide with the closing of the comment period for the NPRM and provide commenters additional opportunity to comment; the Federal Register document announcing this extension is linked above.