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Importing a Vehicle

Importation and Certification FAQs

Group 4: Equipment
Other FAQs

The Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance (OVSC) has expanded the current Importation and Certification Division web site to include a section entitled “Frequently Asked Questions.” In this section we have attempted to address some common questions and concerns that the office deals with on a regular basis. If your question has not been addressed, please refer to Related Government Agencies for further assistance.


In order to be imported, motor vehicle equipment that is subject to an FMVSS has to be manufactured to conform to that standard and be so certified by its original manufacturer. This is true whether the equipment is new or used. The equipment standards include those pertaining to:

Also, certain motor vehicle replacement parts must meet the marking requirements of 49 CFR Part 541 Federal motor vehicle theft prevention standard.

Any equipment subject to any of the above standards must be in compliance at the time of importation. Non-compliant equipment may not be imported.

FMVSS No.Title
FMVSS No. 106Brake hoses
FMVSS No. 108Lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment
FMVSS No. 109New pneumatic tires
FMVSS No. 110Tire selection and rims
FMVSS No. 116Motor vehicle brake fluids
FMVSS No. 117Retreaded pneumatic tires
FMVSS No. 119New pneumatic tires for vehicles
FMVSS No. 120Tire selection and rims for motor vehicles
FMVSS No. 125Warning devices
FMVSS No. 129New non-pneumatic tires for passenger cars
FMVSS No. 139New pneumatic radial tires for light vehicles
FMVSS No. 205Glazing materials
FMVSS No. 209Seat belt assemblies
FMVSS No. 213Child restraint systems
FMVSS No. 218Motorcycle helmets
FMVSS No. 223Rear impact guards
FMVSS No. 304Compressed natural gas fuel container integrity
FMVSS No. 403Platform lift systems for motor vehicles
List of FMVSS numbers and associated equipment

There is no FMVSS that applies to engines and transmissions as equipment items. Therefore, their importation is not regulated by DOT. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does regulate the importation of engines. Further information on this subject may be found on the EPA’s website at, or by contacting that agency at 734-214-4100.