Importing a Vehicle

Importation and Certification FAQs

Part VII Group 7: Related Government Agencies

The Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance (OVSC) has expanded the current Importation and Certification Division web site to include a section entitled “Frequently Asked Questions.” In this section we have attempted to address some common questions and concerns that the office deals with on a regular basis. If your question has not been addressed, please refer to Part VII (Group 7: Related Government Agencies) for further assistance.

Please call 202-366-2525 or refer to their website at:

Please call 202-366-5291 or fax all specific inquiries to 202-366-1024, or by email at

The EPA can help to assist you on issues concerning vehicle emissions regulations. Please call 734-214-4100 or refer to the EPA’s website at:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection can assist you on issues concerning the exportation of a vehicle. Please call 202-927-0300 or refer to their website at: