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Pedestrian Safety

October Is National Pedestrian Safety Month

Everyone Is a Pedestrian

Walking is a part of many of our trips each day, and for some it is their primary mode of transportation. October is Pedestrian Safety Month, the goal: to increase awareness around pedestrian safety and remind drivers to watch for pedestrians each and every time they are behind the wheel. Each week, we will focus on a theme, and share information about being a safe driver and keeping those who walk safe. 

Week 1: Everyone Is a Pedestrian 

We’ll be focusing on embracing walking as a healthy form of transportation. At some point in the day, everyone is a pedestrian. Whether it’s walking to your car, walking to the office, or walking for exercise, everyone deserves to get to their destination safely. 

To do this, drivers must: 

  • Look for pedestrians. Particularly children and teens, who can be less predictable and move more slowly. Be especially careful around schools, residential neighborhoods, and near parks and playgrounds. 
  • Drive with care. Buckle up, obey speed limits, focus on the driving task, and drive sober. Lives depend on it.

Week 2: Safe Speeds

Slower speeds save lives. In fact, the chances of a pedestrian surviving a crash rapidly decrease when the vehicle speed is above 30 mph. Follow speed limits – they aren’t suggestions and are designed to keep all road users safe. 

Week 3: Safe Vehicles 

Most vehicles on our roads include safety technologies like air bags and seat belts designed to keep occupants safe. However, newer vehicles also include technology that keeps other vulnerable road users, like pedestrians, safe. 

Technologies such as pedestrian automatic emergency braking, rear backup cameras, and better headlights for identifying pedestrians at night are just some of the technologies keeping pedestrians and others outside the vehicle safe. Learn more about Driver Assistance Technologies.

Week 4: Safe Roads

Roadways designed to safely accommodate road users provide a solid foundation for use of emerging vehicle technologies and actively encourage safe behaviors among drivers and other road users. Learn more about safe roads from the Federal Highway Administration.

Pedestrian Safety