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Overview of Interactive Tool

To Evaluate Safety Considerations of School Bus Stops and Routes

The purpose of the interactive tool is to help the user analyze and place bus stops to help reduce safety risks. Student safety should be the top priority when determining school bus routes and stops. While riding a school bus remains the safest way to travel to school, reducing safety risks throughout the school bus journey is essential to maintaining this.

The interactive tool can be used to input relevant site characteristics, after which a printable output will be produced that highlights considerations relevant to your situation and site characteristics. See Instructions for Using the Tool  for specific instructions.

Safety Considerations of School Bus Stops and Routes Tool

What You Need to Use the Tool

You may need a computer with Microsoft Excel to utilize the full functionality of the tool.

Instructions for Using the Tool

This interactive tool allows you to input your specific conditions and requirements pertaining to the bus stop waiting area, walkable infrastructure, and bus routing and to the bus stop. For each question, use to the drop-down menu to select “yes” or “no” to answer each question. Once you’ve answered all questions, click the “submit” button to receive a report that includes considerations tailored to your scenario and needs. The purpose of this report is to help users determine appropriate bus stops that effectively reduce safety risks for students. Print your tailored considerations for easy reference.

These instructions are also provided upon opening the tool.