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On This Page 

  • Links added through the customized Book Builder feature. 
  • If no list is displayed, no pages have been added.

Save the Full Link to This Page

Your web browser will automatically clear the link list after a period of time. Before closing your web browser, save the latest link to this page so you can access the customized list in the future. There are two options to save the customized book.

  • Click the Share My Book button, copy the share link, and paste the link in a place you'll remember for future reference.
  • Bookmark this page in your browser. 

Each time you add or remove a page in this customized book, a new link is created and you'll need to recopy the share link or update your bookmark.


To rearrange the order of the pages in the customized book, click the up and down arrows next to the page title, or select the three dots to the right and drag up or down in the list.