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Graduated Driver Licensing Intermediate License Nighttime Restrictions

Effectiveness: 5 Star Cost: $
Use: High
Time: Medium

Driving at night is associated with a higher fatal crash risk than during the day for teen drivers (McCartt & Teoh, 2015), and may pose greater risks of drowsy driving. Several studies suggest that drivers 16 to 24 years old are somewhat more likely than other age groups to drive while drowsy (Royal, 2003; Wheaton et al., 2014). An NCHRP guide for reducing crashes involving young drivers describes the key provisions of GDL systems, including nighttime restrictions (Goodwin et al., 2007). The IIHS and the GHSA have summarized State GDL laws (GHSA, n.d. -a; IIHS, 2022). These summaries are updated monthly. See the Young Driver Chapter for a complete discussion of GDL for beginning young drivers.