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Many drivers frequently use navigation apps on their smartphones. These apps often alert drivers of enforcement efforts that may also offer new levers for increasing deterrence if officers can uncover ways of using these tools to deter speeding more widely. However, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) has identified concerns with navigation apps because some drivers may use these apps to avoid enforcement locations (NSA, n.d.). The capabilities of these apps need to be well-understood if they are to be used to support enforcement activities.

As mentioned previously, intelligent speed assistance (ISA) has been found to reduce speeding among drivers who use these systems. Some systems simply provide information to the driver (e.g., speed limit changes). Others provide visual or audible alerts when the speed limit is exceeded. Still others provide accelerator resistance to make speeding more difficult, or automatically prevent driving above the speed limit. Compared to speed governors, which can only limit the maximum speed of vehicles, ISA has the potential to help control speed of all motor vehicle types according to the prevailing limit at a location. ISA systems are currently being tested in Europe. (See the Intelligent Speed Assistance countermeasure for more information.)