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  • The NHTSA Motorcycle Safety 5-Year Plan (NHTSA, 2019a) is a comprehensive plan for NHTSA activities to address the safety of motorcyclist over the coming years
  • Reviews about the effectiveness of motorcycle helmets in preventing injury and death can be found from the Community Guide
  • Baer, Cook, and Baldi (2005) reviewed and summarized each State’s motorcycle education and licensing programs and practices. A companion report (Baer, Baldi, & Cook, 2005) describes training and licensing programs and actions to promote training and licensing
  • Under a cooperative agreement with NHTSA, AAMVA updated its Motorcycle Operator Licensing System and Integrating Motorcycle Rider Education and Licensing manuals, by publishing the Guidelines for Motorcycle Operator Licensing. The GMOL provides guidelines for State motorcycle licensing programs (Hanchulak & Robinson, 2009)
  • NHTSA published a brochure on how to identify noncompliant helmets (NHTSA, 2019b) and provides further information to choose the right fit
  • NHTSA has Ride Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign material
  • See NCHRP Report 500, Volume 22, Guide for Addressing Collisions Involving Motorcycles (Potts et al., 2008), for a thorough discussion of environmental and other strategies
  • See FHWA (2023) for more information on infrastructure and design changes that could improve motorcycle safety
  • NHTSA (n.d.-a) has an online interactive dashboard for producing visualizations of data from fatal crash records