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In many jurisdictions, drivers who have accumulated a specific number of demerit points on their driver’s licenses are given the option of attending Traffic Violator School to reduce their punishment. In most instances, if they complete Traffic Violator School, their traffic offenses are dismissed or removed from their driving record (Masten & Peck, 2004).

Negotiated plea agreements are a necessary part of an effective and efficient court system. However, plea agreements may allow offenders to have their penalties reduced or eliminated (Masten & Peck, 2004), and may introduce unequal treatment of offenders into the system. Evidence suggests that programs that allow reductions in charges or diverting problem drivers to Traffic Violator Schools in exchange for reduced sanctions (points or license suspension/ revocation) are unlikely to be effective for improving safety and may have counteractive effects (Gerbers, 2010; Masten & Peck, 2004).