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For information about the contribution of drowsy driving to crashes, see the following.

    • Prevalence of drowsy-driving crashes: Estimates from a large-scale naturalistic driving study (Owens et al., 2018).
    • Prevalence of motor vehicle crashes involving drowsy drivers, United States, 1999-2013 (Tefft, 2014).
    • Acute sleep deprivation and risk of motor vehicle crash involvement (Tefft, 2016).

For more information about drowsy driving countermeasures, see:

  • GHSA: Wake up call! Understanding drowsy driving and what States can do (Fischer, 2016).
  • NHTSA: Drowsy Driving Research and Program Plan (NHTSA, 2016).
  • NHTSA: Asleep at the wheel: A National compendium of efforts to eliminate drowsy driving (NHTSA, 2017).

For drowsy driving laws, see the following.

  • Governor’s Highway Safety Administration: Drowsy driving (GHSA, n.d. -b)