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As of November 2021 there were 47 States and the District of Columbia that required some minimum number of supervised driving hours during the time a young driver has a learner’s permit, with about half of them requiring 50 hours (IIHS, 2021b). However, evaluations have found no relationship between the number of required supervised driving hours and fatal crash involvement among young drivers (Ehsani et al., 2013; Foss et al., 2012; Masten et al., 2013; McCartt et al., 2010). Based on telephone interviews with parents/guardians in 5 States, only 32% knew the correct number of supervised driving hours their teen was required to complete (Foss et al., 2012; O’Brien et al., 2013). Therefore, the lack of effect of supervised hours on fatal crash outcomes may be explained, in part, by a lack of parental/guardian knowledge of the supervised driving requirements.