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The agencies and organizations listed below can provide more information on young drivers and links to numerous other resources.

For an overview of young-driver issues and research, see the papers in the June 2006 Supplement of Injury Prevention (, the special issue of the 2007 Journal of Safety Research (, or the special issue of the 2008 American Journal of Preventive Medicine ( See also Alderman & Johnston (2018) and Williams et al. (2012) for summaries of much of the research on young driver issues. Additionally, an NCHRP Report 500 guide for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ Strategic Highway Safety Plan provides a detailed discussion of strategies for reducing crashes involving young drivers (Goodwin et al., 2007), and GHSA (2012) published Curbing Teen Driver Crashes: An In-Depth Look at State Initiatives, which describes strategies States employ to reduce teen driver crashes.